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DIDGERIDOO MASSAGE features exclusively solo didgeridoo performed by John Groves. After much request for a didgeridoo sound massage CD, here it is! Take a 24 minute break from your day and relax as you listen. Close your eyes and take an imaginary "walkabout" through the Australian Outback or to wherever the sound massage takes you.
Available at most digital sites including iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby

DIDJ CACOPHONY - Enjoy an eclectic mix of didgeridoo overlays accompanied with rhythm and harmony loops. Up to as many as three didgeridoos are simultaneously played on some of these tunes. What will you hear? A combination of world grooves, cinematic soundscapes to pure didgeridoo droning. 14 tracks with a total play time approximately 51 and half minutes long.

"Despite its title, much of John Groves' intriguing didgeridoo CD, "Didj Cacophony", would be right at home on "Echoes" or "Hearts of Space"." Tom Bingham "General Eclectic" WCVF-FM, Fredonia, New York
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