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What is a Didgeridoo?

A Northern Australian aerophone musical instrument that works more like a brasswind instrument because the players lips buzz. The didgeridoo or didjeridu are just a couple of the popular non Aboriginal ways of naming one of the oldest wind instruments in the world. Yidaki is one of the many Aboriginal names for this musical instrument. The term yidaki is the Yolngu Aborigine term which originates from a specific region in Northeast Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia. Find out more about yidaki traditions direct from the Yolngu by clicking here. The didjeridoo is constructed from a termite hollowed tree trunk or limb with a gum or wax substance put on the smallest tapered end to form a mouthpiece for the player.

Who is John Groves?

John Groves is a professional: music educator, musician, crafter, and importer. Mr. Groves earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music,specializing in the areas of music education and performance. John hand crafts unique musical instruments and imports Australian Aboriginal made musical instruments in the USA. John was a guest performer with Teatro ZinZanni and crafted the shows official instruments. John has also performed at The National Music Museum in the USA and with the Bank of America DOWN UNDER TOUR for workshops and performance. Mr. Groves is in demand for private instruction, school presentations and performance. Click Here for additional biographical information.

Is John available for private lessons, demonstrations, clinics and performances?

Yes. Didgeridoo, bull roarers & clap sticks. I'm available for appearances just let me know your needs. I do tours so let me know if you want me to come to your town for lessons, workshops and or performance. Just email John at and we can take care of the details of getting me to your location for your event.

How easy/hard is it to learn and play didgeridoo?

Like with any musical instrument the more time you spend practicing it the better you get and everyone learns skills at different rates. No musical notation skills required. Playing didgeridoo is not rocket science. It's very access able to anyone who wants to enjoy the challenges of learning to play this musical instrument. Half the fun is in the learning anyhow so have fun and don't worry mates as you'll embark on a life time of not only learning a musical instrument but about the culture it was developed from.

Are these items art or a musical instrument?

Both. Functional art may be more fitting. Needless to say how or what its used for, pride has gone into every instrument created by various creators & artists items carried here.

Does the Australian Aboriginal community benefit from my purchase?

Yes, your purchase of anything Aboriginal produced helps to fund the individual artist or community even other items sold here help to produce cash flow so we can buy from instrument craftsmen in Australia. John Groves Music Productions: Didgeridoo Gallery is proud to present a diverse selection of musical instruments and accessory items to choose from here in the USA by Australia's premiere Aboriginal craftsmen from throughout Australia.

What does performance sound, concert player mean?

Classifying didgeridoos to certain performance or concert class is very subjective buzz term that some may use. Do not let this confuse you as I see folks basically say the more expensive it is or the bigger it is, the better. So, in turn it is classified concert quality. What does this mean? Seems to be a size thing! It just creates confusion for the most part. If you are a professional musician you have the chops to be able to play anything very well -- soft (piano) or loud (forte). I guess that makes any didge a "concert" player or "performance" quality didge, even plastic tubes if you have the techniques down. Of course some instruments will have more desirable qualities to the masses of players and individuals as well that may be described as instant gratification. NE Arnhem Land yidaki by Yolngu for example have different playing characteristics than contemporary didgeridoos made in other parts of Australia by various Aboriginal groups. Classifying between these 2 groupings of didgeridoo instruments opens up a can of worms as so called concert qualities for a didgeridoo may be totally different in the mind's eye of a didge player in America compared to its traditional use in Arnhem Land and other places throughout Australia. Anyway, pretty subjective stuff to say the least in describing of concert/performance quality. There's no need to over think it. If there is something about the sound and look that draws you to a didgeridoo you see here, the didge has found you!

I've Heard Didgeridoo Helps Reduce Sleep Apnea / Snoring. Does it help?

John is not a doctor. Do not stop whatever your medical professionals have prescribed you to follow. Back in late 2005 a story started to circulate around the world media about how playing didgeridoo may strengthen your muscles that cause sleep apnea and the benefits from practicing didgeridoo playing daily could reduce sleep apnea symptoms. Here's the original source about the study in the British Medical Journal click here.

Is my name and location put next to sold instruments?

No. Not in less you really want it done. We do not disclose our customers names this prevents other folks from tracking your purchases. Furthermore your email is not shared with any other person or business.

Why does or doesn't my didgeridoo have a wax mouthpiece?

Wax is usually only applied for one or both reasons: For comfort to the player or as a reducer in size of the bore at the mouthpiece end. Otherwise wax is not applied. Most instruments from the Arnhem Land region of Australia do not have wax. This can be a shock to some folks that are use to playing bigger contemporary sized wax mouthpieces and tubular plastic pipe didges. If you need beeswax click here.

Can John find a specific didgeridoo for me? Such as length, bell size, art work, color, tuned to a particular key, double mouthpiece, other wants in a didgeridoo?

Yes, let me know your needs. I may have something in stock you are looking for or may be able to get it in for you.

Do I have to pay a duty, customs charges or tariff?

No Hassles with Customs and No Duty Charges if you live in the USA. All stock is here in the USA for fastest delivery in the US. Usually within 3 to 4 business days for in stock items even sometimes less if you reside close to Washington state. (Based on US Postal Service Priority shipping data)

Does John ship to outside of the U.S.A.?

Yes. Rates vary and duty fees may apply. This depends on location & what item(s) are shipped.

Does John supply retailers & distributors? And if I am one, can I contact you?

Yes. Contact for wholesale terms email:

I've still got questions. How do I reach John?

Contact me with ANY questions you may have. Email:
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